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Updated 12/2018

Updated 12/2018

Welcome from the Vestry of the Church of Our Saviour.

From the Sr. Warden

Juli Kennedy,  Sr. Warden

Juli Kennedy, Sr. Warden

The vestry is composed of 16 individuals. 15 are elected lay individuals, serving 3 year terms and the Rector serves as a permanent member. The current vestry has a Junior Warden for the English branch of our congregation and a Junior Warden for the Chinese branch of our congregation. The vestry is a spiritual community serves as the “board of directors” to oversee the workings of the Church of Our Saviour.  The vestry oversees the financial, spiritual, physical buildings, and outreach ministries of the church. The vestry seeks to see where God is at work within our church life.  Individual vestry members serve as liaisons between the multitude of ministries at the Church of Our Saviour and report on the ministries to the Vestry on a regular basis.

It is an honor to serve on the Vestry and each member is enriched by the experience.

The vestry welcomes all individuals to the Church of Our Saviour, wherever you may be on your spiritual journey.

Juli Kennedy-Senior Warden  Call 626-282-5147 or Email:

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