30 Hour Fast - April 29th - 30th

Taking Place at the Church of Our Saviour in San Gabriel.

For this year we are collecting donations for Midnight Mission.  Midnight Mission (Link Here) is an amazing organization that is one of our work sites for LA Pilgrimage.  We will be taking donations during Sundays to collect for Midnight Mission leading up to 30 Hour Fast and then bringing the donations with us on Saturday April 30th.


We are asking students to begin their fast after a BIG lunch at Noon on Friday.  We will gather at 6:30 Friday evening at COS at Taize in the main Church and then sleep over at Church with games and fun activities.

Available at all times will be juice, water and chicken broth.

The next morning we will be serving Breakfast at Midnight Mission in Downtown LA and Working the Food Pantry at St. Francis Center also in Downtown LA.

We will break our fast with Eucharist at Church at 5pm on Saturday (all parents and families are invited as well!) and then dinner is going to be prepared for us by The Abundant Table (Link Here), another amazing organization to look at.

This is a journey and its going to be a challenge, but your community of peers will be there to hold you up.  The experience of the Fast is to bring us closer to the experiences of not just homeless people, but people who are food insecure.  We know people who are food insecure and often times don't even realize it.

Breaking Fast Early

With all that said, we will have food on site for students to break their fast early if they feel like they cannot finish.  The Fast is the students to commit to and we want to support what ever their journey with it is.

Please if you have a questions about this event or would like to participate in the fundraising aspect but not the fast, please let me know!!

I'm available any time before and after Youth Group to talk about these and other events.