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The Church of Our Saviour aspires to be your “basecamp” for your journey in God’s world, i.e., a place to be nourished and equipped for service to God in your life, a place to engage life's big questions as well as prepare to respond to the world’s needs—both spiritual and physical needs—and all within a welcoming Episcopal community!

While the Altar is the summit toward which your daily activity is directed and is, at the same time, the source of the grace and energy needed for that daily activity, it is your daily activity in the world that is the focus.  A “base-camp” exists to serve the “climbing team.”  In itself, it is neither the goal of the “expedition” nor the “mountain itself.”  The Church of Our Saviour exists to empower the parishioners’ work for the Kingdom, and not the other way around!  In turn, our parishioners are called to serve the needs of those around them.


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