Church of  Our Saviour is a friendly, inclusive, and fun place for children & youth to learn and live in Christian faith. Please join us!  

Sunday School  begins at 10:00 AM with our Children’s Chapel.  This creates a prayerful atmosphere and grounds the activities in scripture.  At 10:20 AM, the kids move up to the Sunday School classrooms and take the story that they have heard in Chapel and dive deeper into it.

Whirl is a fun and beautiful curriculum that lets children engage scripture in new ways.  Different activities from arts and crafts to music and singing give kids an amazing opportunity to learn about Christianity.  And the learning does not end at Church, but with Whirl, each child will take their Sunday lesson home with them!  This is a great way to continue growing in understanding of scripture and in spirituality.

Sunday School ends at about 11:00 AM, after a small snack, and the kids are taken into church to rejoin their families for Eucharist.

Taylor Vazquez-Reyes

Sunday School Director
(626) 282-5147 Ext. 15