Re-imagining Spirituality

There is an energy of shifting and change in our world right now. The world is faced with many real challenges that require visionary leadrship that is relevant to the needs and hopes of the world. People need a place to find their center again, a place where we can remember who we are at our core, a place that can inspire goodness and love and human florishing. Isn’t that what we should be about? The church can be such a place. The church needs to be such a place.

In a time when the sand seems to be shifting under our feet almost by the minute the world needs a new sense of spiritual grounding and a collective vision that can bring us all together regardless of national origin, political affiliation or denominational stripes. This is a time for us all to find the pulse of our common human heartbeat of compassion and move forward together with sure footing on solid spiritual ground. The time is now upon us like never before and it brings with it exciting possibilities, but it will take the hard work of reconciliation, forgiveness, and reconnecting with the spiritual energy that is at our very core as a global human community. Our task will not be easy. But Jesus never said it would be easy. Only that it would be worth it.

The 2017-18 program year offerings have all been developed with this call to unity, healing and forward vision in mind. Our theme of Re-imagining Spirituality is a call to think and act and love in new creative ways that are relevant and can inspire a real positive spiritual revolution both as individuals and as a global community.

We hope that you will join us by taking part in some or all of the carefully crafted spiritual formation opportunities available. Lets move forward...together.  All are welcome.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a discipline that has played a part in the lives of Christians since the earliest days of the church. Like other Christian disciplines, it helps us to listen and discover how God might be speaking to us through the Holy Spirit and guiding us. If you are interested in individual spiritual direction or just want to learn more about it, call the monastery at: 626-703-4474


Centering Prayer

Tuesdays: 6:15pm – 7:30pm - St. Luke's Chapel

Join our emerging Centering Prayer community in our beautiful church as we build a consistent spiritual practice. “The essence of Centering Prayer is consenting to God’s presence and action within.” (Contemplative Outreach). Led by Sr. Greta, Sharon Crandall and Barbara Lester