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Questions about the Transition?  You can use the form to send a question or comment to the Vestry.  Also please look below for a list of Questions from the forum and their answers.

What is the Parish Profile?

The Parish Profile Committee functions as a committee appointed by, and under the direction of, the Vestry. Paul Kilian has been tasked by the Vestry to convene this Committee. The work of the Committee is to gather the many stories of The Church of Our Saviour, and to weave them into a single, coherent story which presents an honest portrayal of our past, an accurate assessment of our present, and a compelling statement of our hoped-for future. The Committee will utilize a variety of methods to elicit those stories (e.g. personal interviews, small-group conversations with stakeholder groups, Sunday forums, statistical analysis, etc.). Members of this Committee will have the ability to listen deeply, interpret truthfully, and write convincingly. While the time frame for the completion of the Profile is not fixed, the commitment to serve on this Committee would run for approximately six months.

The Parish Profile Committee

The members of the Parish Profile Committee have been selected. They are: (in alphabetical order)

Joshua Alverenga

Meredith Brucker

Nancy Duling

Katherine Feng

Ben Harrington

Eric Miller

Maureen Sprunger

Charlotte Van Fleet

These individuals all bring wonderful gifts to the table. They will be headed up by Paul Kilian.

This committee will begin work immediately.

The work of the Parish Profile Committee is very important to help us (the Church) determine our needs for the future. It is important that all members of the parish participate in the process of gathering information.


Finding the Search Committee

 Within the month, the vestry will receive the first draft of the Parish Profile. We, the vestry are indebted to the hours of work put into this document by the members of the Parish Profile committee. This phase of our search is nearly complete. The long anticipated next step of our process now begins, the formation of a Rector Search committee. Potential members of this committee will self- nominate themselves, as was done for the Parish Profile committee. It is anticipated that this process could take 6-9 months. Much of the work will be managed electronically.  Members of the Paris Profile committee are not precluded from self nominating themselves for the search committee. The vestry anticipates a committee of 5-8 members, with one vestry as part of the committee.

Please prayerfully consider nominating yourself for this important committee as we enter into the next phase of our rector search.

The process for self-nominations shall be open till Friday, November 30, 2018.

The Vestry shall review the names which have been submitted for consideration, and shall select a Rector Search Committee at its December Vestry meeting on Tuesday, December 5, 2018.

To be considered for membership on the Rector Search Committee, interested parties shall complete the questionnaire composed of the following questions:

Name *