Our weekly Prayer list is put together by the staff and uploaded on Tuesday before our Healing Eucharist.
Prayer Requests can be sent to CCase@churchofoursaviour.org  or fill out this form to request prayer.

Prayer List – for the Week Preceding Sunday, May 28th, 2017


We bring to you our prayers for those who are ill or suffering; especially, Conal Moran, Susan Salisbury, Lynn Perkins, Neil Showers, Charlene Albee, Robert C. Hansen, Yolanda Galeazzi, Julie Hara, Dawn Archuleta, Ruth Palmer, Leslie Dennis, Mary Ann McClain, Bill Loesch, Suzanne, Helmut and Vera Muensch, Sally Baldwin, Sammy Catanes, Gail Banks, Denise Davis, Dan Banks, Bobby Munoz, Hilda De Luna and Marion Bradley.  Please add your own intercessions now; silently or aloud… (Silence is kept).  May they be healed and be whole.


We continue to pray for the needs of those listed in our Welcome Bulletin this Sunday; especially, Nancy Granger, Helen Vandercook, Elijah Lucio, Al Cohen, Carolyn Weirick, Gayle MacGregor, Jenni Ballance, Elizabeth Waite, Barbara Freathy, Nancy Ellsworth, Kevin Dumain, Sandy Mallace, Stefan Dietrich, Lloyd Bowerman, Betty McKenney, Erik Walton, Liang-Chu Wu, Anna He, Anthony and Marilyn, Vincent Vine, Kirsten Stanwych, Jacob Pevsner, David and Margie Schlicter, Bob Telleen, Maria Juarez, Matt Johnson, Helen Erskine, Evie Escatiola, Carol Carwan, Maria Amador, Rafael Esparza and Phil Smith; that through our loving concern they all may be comforted in their distress.


Also, for those whose needs continue duration; especially, Lani Weirick, David Littler, Katie Haven, Patti Stiles, Anita Brandow, Renee Guy, the MacDonald Family, Rosalee Simenski, John De Modena, Dorothy De Modena, John Schlicter, David and Margie Schlicter, Carolee Twining, Diana Davis Rieger, Shirley Dyer Hargrave, Kristin, Jada Ramirez, Angel Manuelos, Laurie Norman, Carol Dumain, Carol Snyder, Bruce Twining, Ray Wells, John Lewis, Katie Haven, Vivienne Deutsch, Michael Snyder, Carson McKissick, Helen Kinsley, Dan Banks, Virginia Barger, Dick Biersch, Freya Baldwin, Lany Castillo, Michael Culver, Dorris Dann, Nancy Dionne, Carmina Ransopher, Esta Schulte, Daniel Vigna, Kathy Goodwin, Jason Vine, Grant Haserot, John Higginson, Joanna Kinsley, Gayle MacGregor, the Moss Family, Eve-Lynn Reeve, Alaine Gill, Scott Seidlin, Gigi Sherman, Becky and James Snyder, Stacy Szeabo and Ashley Whitehead.


We pray for the dying and the dead; especially, [none this week].  Please add your own intercessions now; silently or aloud… (Silence is kept); may they have peace and eternal rest.

Memorials & Thanksgivings

This Sunday flowers are offered at the Altar to the Glory of God in Loving Memory of John and Nancy Atwill, The Rev. John Atwill, Mary Atwill Baker, Anna Houston Atwill, Charles and Jane Sisson, Frank and Nettie Giguette, Frank Atwill Cline, The Rev. Joh E Cline, and Susan Atwill Cline.

Civic Leaders

Heavenly Father, this week we pray for the leaders of our government at all levels.  We pray for Donald, our President, for Jerry, our Governor, and for Juli Costanzo, our Mayor.  Give all our leaders your wisdom and grace to serve the community, the state, and the nation for the benefit of all.


We pray for all those serving in our law enforcement and military, especially; Lieutenant Commander Ross Cooper, Lance Corporal Dylan Bartley, USMC, 1st Class Petty Officer Kevin Rossini, Private First Class Harold Padgett, Airforce Captain Daniel McAllister, Ensign Jonathan Moss, Sargent Adam Briceno, Captain K. C. Chase, Captain J. W. Hammond, USMC, Petty Officer-2 Garrett Riney, Private First Class Michael Yeast, Captain William Cooper, and USMC Blake Shishido.