Weekly Articles

Praying Towards Sunday, The Beacon, Etc..


Weekly Articles

Praying Towards Sunday, The Beacon, Etc..

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Weekly Prayer List

Weekly Prayer List

Our Prayer List is edited by the Parish Secretary and continuously updated throughout the week.  Names are read aloud each Wednesday at the Healing Service and on Sunday during Intercessory Prayers.  Request for Prayer can be emailed to CCase@churchofoursaviour.org  or you can fill out a prayer request form found here or in the pew racks.

Intercessory prayer is hard work, but it is a work of love. It is carrying those we love and long to be healed on our hearts, and taking them mysteriously and wonderfully into the very heart of God.

-Br. Geoffrey Tristram
Society of Saint John the Evangelist

Prayer List – for the Week Preceding Sunday, September  24th, 2017


We bring to you our prayers for those who are ill or suffering; especially, Fatima, Julia and family, Dave Hansen, Keith Shirey, Carol Teagle, Wilma Manes and family, Abbie Palmstrom, Bill Wasson, Cathy, Pamela Vaughn, Noel Park, Chris Bingham, Tim Watkins, Ken Thompson, Richard Cimicata, Sung Lee, Steve Hawkins, Omar Khatib, Dyana Burkhammer, Julie Crutchfield, Ursula Hawkins, Matt Peplow, Marjory Bartley, Betsy Hathaway, Kirti Dasu, Conal Moran, Helmut and Vera Muensch, Sally Baldwin, Gayle MacGregor, Bobby Munoz, Lary Bartley and Fred Garside II.  Please add your own intercessions now; silently or aloud… (Silence is kept).  May they be healed and be whole.


Also, today we continue to pray for the needs of those listed in our Welcome Bulletin; especially, Marnee Woodruff, Zelda Kennedy, Andrea Moss, Denise Davis, Bill Loesch, Sharry Adler, Jerome Montet, Robert Hansen, Julie Hara, Susan Salisbury, Ursula Hawkins, Sammy Catanes, Leslie Dennis, Elijah Lucio, Carolyn Weirick, Kevin Dumain, Betty McKenney, Charles Adrian Posinoff, Anthony and Marilyn, Vincent Vine, Renee Guy, Kirsten Stanwych, Diane Webb, Lani Weirick, David Littler, Patti Stiles, Renee Guy, the MacDonald Family, John De Modena, Dorothy De Modena, John Schlicter, Carolee Twining, Diana Davis Rieger, Shirley Dyer Hargrave, Kristin, Jada Ramirez, Angel Manuelos, Laurie Norman, Carol Dumain, Carol Snyder, Bruce Twining, Ray Wells, John Lewis, Vivienne Deutsch, Michael Snyder, Carson McKissick, Helen Kinsley, Dan Banks, Virginia Barger, Dick Biersch, Freya Baldwin, Lany Castillo, Dorris Dann, Carmina Ransopher, Esta Schulte, Kathy Goodwin, Jason Vine, Grant Haserot, John Higginson, Joanna Kinsley, the Moss Family, Eve-Lynn Reeve, Alaine Gill, Scott Seidlin, Gigi Sherman, Becky and James Snyder, Stacy Szeabo and Ashley Whitehead; that through our loving concern they all may be comforted in their distress.


We pray for the dying and the dead; especially, Lou Constanzo.  Please add your own intercessions now; silently or aloud… (Silence is kept).  May they have peace and eternal rest.

Memorials & Thanksgivings

This Sunday flowers are offered at the Altar to the Glory of God in Loving Memory of Edith Ivy Cravits and George S. Patton, Sr. and in the Baptistry in thanksgiving for the birthdays of the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of Sherm and Marge Telleen. 

Civic Leaders

Heavenly Father, this week we pray for the leaders of our government at all levels.  We pray for Donald, our President, for Jerry, our Governor, and for Juli, our Mayor.  Give all our leaders your wisdom and grace to serve the community, the state, and the nation for the benefit of all.

Law Enforcement & Military

We pray for all those serving in our law enforcement and military, especially; Arcadia Police Officer Robert Bartley, Jr., Lieutenant Commander Ross Cooper, Lance Corporal Dylan Bartley, USMC, 1st Class Petty Officer Kevin Rossini, Private First Class Harold Padgett, Airforce Captain Daniel McAllister, Ensign Jonathan Moss, Sargent Adam Briceno, Captain K. C. Chase, Captain J. W. Hammond, USMC, Petty Officer-2 Garrett Riney, Private First Class Michael Yeast, Captain William Cooper, and USMC Blake Shishido.