Lenten Forum Series


Lenten Forum Series


Sunday Morning Forum Series in Lent

9 AM in Cleaver Hall

The Church of Our Saviour is joining Episcopalians around the world in reading the Gospel according to Luke during Lent and the Book of Acts during Eastertide in 2018.

Join us as we explore the entire story of Jesus’ life as told by Saint Luke and to read about the earliest Christians, their encounters with the Holy Spirit, and their passion for sharing the Good News of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

What is the Good Book Club?
The Good Book Club is an invitation to all Episcopalians to join in reading the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts during Lent-Easter 2018. Episcopalians will start reading Luke on Sunday, February 11 and read a section of Luke’s gospel every day through the season of Lent. Then the entire season of Easter will be devoted to daily readings from the Book of Acts. Already, individuals, congregations, and organizations are committed to being a part of the Good Book Club, and we hope you’ll join the journey too!

Why read the Bible?
People who read scripture with an open heart grow in faith through their encounter with the sacred stories of the Bible. We know this to be true in our personal experiences — and we have research to back it up. RenewalWorks, a Forward Movement research-based initiative, has data from nearly half a
million participants that identify scripture engagement as a key catalyst for spiritual vitality in congregations and for individuals. In other words, if you want to grow and strengthen your faith, reading scripture is the perfect exercise.

Why Luke and Acts?
We love sequels, and Luke-Acts provides a wonderful two-part narrative. Luke tells the wondrous story of Jesus’ birth, ministry, teaching, death, and resurrection. Acts picks up where Luke leaves off and tells the story of the earliest disciples through the lens of Peter and Paul and the real star of the show — the Holy Spirit. Written by the same author, the books are accessible, and the story is a page-turner!

How will it work?
Forward Movement has created a set of daily readings to divide Luke and Acts into 50 days each. Each day, participants will read a few verses of Luke or Acts. These readings are available on the Good Book Club website. Readers of Forward Day by Day can easily follow along, with Luke and Acts guiding the
reflections during Lent-Easter 2018.

The Presiding Bishop Curry on The Good Book Club!

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Sacred Journey in Lent

Sacred Journey in Lent

Wednesday Nights in Lent

February 21st - March 14th

Click Image to get the book!

Click Image to get the book!

Lenten Supper and Book Discussion

We begin each evening by gathering together for a simple soup and bread meal followed by a group discussion on Henri Nouwen’s “The Wounded Healer.”

What does it mean to be a healer in the modern world?

In this hope-filled and profoundly simple book, Nouwen offers a radically fresh interpretation of modern ministry. Here he inspires those who want to be of service in their church or community.

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6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
in Cleaver Hall

Hosted at - 
The Church of Our Saviour
535 West Roses Road
San Gabriel, CA 91775

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