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For the last 4 years, Church of Our Saviour has been involved with a program called LA City Pilgrimage.  This Sunday, our two "Pilgrims" from the 2018 experience will be presenting what they learned and how the trip challenged them to explore their faith and see how God is calling us to serve.  Don't miss this Sunday!

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LA City Pilgrimage is a week-long urban immersion program for high school students within the Diocese of Los Angeles. It is a week of service in and around LA, but it is also a week of looking for God where God can be found. This experience encourages students to question who their neighbor is and how to make their neighbor the subject of engagement and community rather than the object of pity. Through listening those on the margins of society and witnessing first-hand the consequences of economic injustice, students grapple with how to love their neighbor and evaluate their Christian faith through the lens of Christ’s ministry and work.